Martin Booth: Founder of Leboo Media Ltd


Martin is the founder and owner of Leboo Media Ltd, an award-winning copywriting and communications consultancy based in south-west London. He has a background in sports journalism and the betting industry, and delivers a broad range of written materials for clients in a wide variety of specialisms.

You’ve got a great product. You know customers will want what you have to sell them. But are you sure you are getting your message across as eloquently and compellingly as possible?

Talk to LeBoo Media. Whether you want new or improved website copy, a series of blogs, or new leaflets and brochures, we have the copywriting expertise to engage with your market place and deliver results.

We’ll make your words sing. We’ll get your message across.

Find out more on the LeBoo Media website or in his blogs on this site which include Rest and Recovery, Holidays and What’s wellness got to do with business?



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