Sonny Cutting: Director, Sussex Business Show


Who is Sonny Cutting, and where does he come from?

Sonny Cutting is a Mid Sussex based entrepreneur who has created 3 mini businesses operating under one main brand in the events industry.

He is married, has twins Jack and Charlotte and resides in a sleepy village, just outside of Brighton and is known to play the odd game of golf or chess. Enjoys Skydiving too.

Creator of The Sussex Business Show, The Tiger’s Pen & The Director’s Hub

Sussex Business Show moves to Brighton 2023.

Renowned for more than just B2B trade shows, Sonny Cutting, the event director, has for a number of years hosted trade shows with a twist. He weaves together game-themed events to break the ice at pioneering and innovative B2B conferences.

The blend provides an irresistible experience of energy with networking opportunities.


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