DetoXing from Social Media: Start a pebble collection and find some gems!


DetoXing from Social Media

You’re having a better than average day at work, you’re cracking on – look at you being an entrepreneur! You pause for a moment and have a cup of tea. It is at this moment that you reach for your phone and start scrolling.

We’ve all done it, and we’ve all been there…. Your heart wilts. You thought you were doing well… but then you’ve just scrolled LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram, and someone else is there but doing it better, easier, more inspirationally…


It is dinner time, your family are surrounding you at the table, but none of you seems to be engaging or looking up from the screens that separate your attention. This is ‘family time’…


It is time for a detoX.

Social media is a drug, relying on the endorphin in your body called dopamine. Each buzz, like and notification you get gives your brain a little boost of dopamine, which creates an addictive cycle of going back for more. There are multiple risks to being addicted to social media: seeing a false reality, depression, narcissism, promoting echo chambers, time consumption and more.

When the screen starts to take over your life , DetoXing from Social Media and you must start question your dependence and reliance on it. It is time for a social media detoX.

yoga, gardening, sleep or even pebble counting – anything that does not involve a screen!

Written by Sonny Cutting – Sussex Business Show

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