Fear of the unknown: Do you become a high flier or are you grounded before you begin?


Fear of the unknown

Every small bird has the fear of failure, but nothing stops it from flying hundred’s of miles… So, whats stopping you?

Fear of the unknown stops us from starting a business because taking the first steps in the creation of a company can be a daunting task. Having conversations about the unknown generally puts the fear factor into people’s heads and hearts.

I guess the exact process is to identify what your fear is, focus on your why, and not the actual fear. Once you understand the underlying issues of the fear, then it may be easier to manage it.

My fears range from feeling sometimes that I’m a failure in business simply because I can’t buy a bigger car or a better office to the bigger fears that my children won’t see me as a successful entrepreneur. These fears are the things that keep me up at night.

There is a great deal of fear involved at any stage of running a business, like scaling up to the next level and taking on more staff. Scaling also brings more worry and anxiety, but to be successful you need to face your fears to enable growth within your business.

The truth is, that you’re never going to be fully ready and you’ll always have a little fear in the back of your mind, but entrepreneurs have to find a way to deal with it. I’ve found that talking to people away from my business, and not at home has enabled a more balanced and healthy life. I created a hub of director’s in the same position as myself and we bounce ideas off each other – if you have a close group of businesses that you trust, meet up and be less fearful of your business, together.

If I’m fearful of something in my business, I like to play out the ‘worst-case scenario game’ and write down the three key factors of what if? The good, the bad and the ugly, but you can also turn it around and think of the best-case scenarios.

Fear can drive your business forward, not just backwards. So, fear not and drive through it.

Written by Sonny Cutting – Sussex Business Show

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