Anger Management: Reduce the psychological reactions to anger.

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Anger Management

The Anger Management is manageble, but if left unchecked, anger can lead to aggressive behaviour, like shouting at someone or damaging property. Angry feelings may cause you to withdraw from your business, not talk to your family and ignore friends. People also turn that anger inward which can hugely affect their own health and wellbeing, and at times it can also lead to more serious undertones.

I’ve found that I get triggered over the small things and not the big things; others are the reverse. So, what is it that pushes that anger to the big red fury button? Is it the personal process that enables a sharp response or something else?

In business, feeling angry can be a normal emotion (!) however, how you express your anger matters. Just one outburst can have a detrimental effect on your business and wellbeing. Even a negative review of your business can lead to further issues down the line.

Anger is an emotion ranging from mild irritation to intense fury or rage. This can take its toll physically, mentally and socially if left unchecked.

My anger management tips are to figure out your triggers:

1) If you have a few bad habits like losing your temper when faced with traffic, excessive tiredness or even if your family has got too much for you working from home, stop and identify it. Then structure your day to eliminate the whole process, enabling better wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

2) Take a different route to work, something off the beaten track, away from traffic jams, get to sleep earlier and change how you work to get your job done.

3) Instead of doing a standard five-day week, consider (if you can) breaking up your week or even your day more. I broke up the week by doing a Mon-Thurs and having Friday as a day off. It may sound odd, but it gives me complete peace of mind as I can now get everything done. I can forget about traffic woes, without having sleeping issues by working too late, and relaxing on Sunday in the office, with zero stress.

4) Take up something outside, it could be Tai Chi in an open space, yoga or gardening which is very theraputic for the mind and body.

With less anger, and more love.

Written by Sonny cutting – Sussex Business Show

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