Battling with business: Or is the business battling you!


Battling with business

Battling with company questions and trying to find the answers on your own can be a lonely intensive process, so find people to talk too and ease the burden of leadership.

There are a few areas in my business I have personally battled with in the past, but I have created groups to help me with the processes of managing these ongoing battles within my corporate life for loneliness.

We’ve all been in a position where we’ve not been able to talk to someone about an element of our business, so how do we combat loneliness? Research shows that small business owners battle with huge psychological pressures on a daily basis with the businesses that they run, and mine is no different. If it were not for The Director’s Hub, then I would not have been able to cope with the daily issues I was facing in business. This stalwart group of directors became a lifeline and a support mechanism for how I ran my company.

The battling with business process became easier as I was able to share these issues with others and get a resolution to the queries in question, without feeling like I was about to go insane!

Whilst I’m not intentionally quoting YODA, fear does lead to suffering, and suffering does lead to pain if you’ve got no one to talk to. So, it’s important to not go into battle alone.

Along with the questions I needed answers to was the process of working alone in my office at home. The answer to that question came from a networking event in Haywards Heath when someone said that their working week was very different to most of their business friends, as they worked in the office on Sundays and had a day off during the week.

It was a eureka moment.

I could make work, work for me! This reality of other people, which I found out through connection, I would not have realised without the help of others. Unfortunately, loneliness is not often talked about.

What would I say to those feeling isolated?

– Don’t isolate yourself, unless you’ve got covid, in which case definitely isolate.
– Use a social media channel like LinkedIn to reach out to someone you know to talk about these issues.
– Find a group of people who you like and trust to talk about business questions, or create a group or a hub and invite people to discuss issues.
– Share your troubles, and don’t feel afraid to do so, because battling every day takes the wind out of you.
– Celebrate your successes, as leaders, we often forget to celebrate the small victories and just continue with a never-ending to-do list.
– Harbour positive thoughts and win those battles.

Written by Sonny Cutting – Sussex Business Show

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