Chaos theory: The scientific exploration of unpredictability

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Chaos theory

Chaos is a scientific exploration of the unpredictability of systems, so how does this fit into business today and will it affect us in the future as a core process?

This has enabled us to look at organisations differently, by realising that life events are inherently unknowable. For example, in March 2020 my business almost folded due to the pandemic, like many other businesses that were caught off guard like rabbits caught in headlights. Everything was a blur for a few short moments, whilst we re-adjusted our focusing vision on the business which is when our chaos theory kicked in, changing negative theory to positive theory, and it worked out wonderfully as we adapted to change swiftly.

Is it a scalable model which enables a described chaotic process the ability to breathe whilst working through core fundamentals? I personally feel that chaos and chaos theory have a place in the workplace, as long as it has a form of structure.

But once we had restructured our business practices with a cutting-edge CRM and cloud-based accounts package, our business model adapted to the chaos of our own making, proving that all chaos is temporary.

So, when you look at this image attached to this article. What do you see?
A wheel that once turned or stones stopping the wheel from moving?

Is chaos a paradox?

For us, chaos changed how we saw our own business and what we needed to do to attain a different level of adaptability to the events industry. Luckily for us, we adapted to the changes with trust in our own ability to pivot.

In the end, you need to take a chance and go with your gut, I’m glad mine growled at us for change.

Written by Sonny Cutting – Sussex Business Show

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