New Challenges: Cut through the noise at networking & focus on one person.

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New Challenges

Your business idea is probably great. It is your job to make me (and others) believe in you and your purpose – not what you are selling.

You are running a business, working freelance, gigging or thinking about doing any of the above. The internet tells you to set up a website, give up your time on social media, spend a fortune on branding and “be relevant” with permanent blog posts. You think about accountancy software, accountants too, bank accounts of some sort and how you will manage your riches.

Breathe. Honestly, big step back and take a reality check.

What are you trying to sell? Why are you trying to sell it and who are you selling it to?

What’s the purpose / your underpinning cause of your venture?

Why would I want to buy from you instead of this super brand over there that’s been around for longer than you?

I don’t know you, I don’t trust you, so why you? How will you get me (and others) to believe what you believe in?

Ultimately people buy from people for various reasons. Is yours one I can buy into? Are you talking to people, networking, stretching your reach by having conversations?

Cut through the noise at networking by focussing on the person opposite you. Stop trying to hit people with your sales pitch and have a conversation. Sales usually happen after the 10th encounter so stop rushing and start building a relationship. Many entrepreneurs forget people. Don’t be one of those, build a relationship and go for the long game.

Leaves are like networking groups, 1000’s available, but only a few stand out.

Written by Nicole Barrett – Personal Journey


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