The Tiger’s Pen: Startup Investment Opportunity


Are you a Start-Up in Brighton or Sussex as a region?

The Tiger’s Pen is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to experienced investors.

The Pen is designed for start-ups looking for to scale up, and for students at universities or Colleges who are looking at starting their own businesses, to get free guidance from experienced directors, founders and business owners who form the collective hub of The Tiger’s Pen, and can advise them in their entrepreneurial venture. This opportunity is for incredible energetic entrepreneurs to take the reins of their business and gain invaluable support in investment.

Peer-to-Peer Investments

As part of an exciting new partnership, business leaders will join Sonny Cutting, creator of The Tiger’s Pen with its collective hub of wisdom and wealth of experience, offering advice and a critical eye for the next generation of students at the University of Brighton.

The Tiger’s Pen website will offer students and start-up business access to business resources, videos, and podcasts.
Fore more news on the pen visit the University of Brighton‘s site or the Sussex Business Show.


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