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Courage: Every day as an entrepreneur you need courage….

Courage Are you a rollercoaster person? Or would you put your hand in a box of spiders? I personally would do one but haven’t the courage to do the other – yet.…Courage – noun – the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. (Oxford dictionary) Rollercoasters and Spider Boxes…

The Entrepreneurs Journey: Blogs for Business Owners

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The Entrepreneurs Blog
The Entrepreneur’s Blog UK (A-Z of Life) Created by Sonny Cutting and Fay Millar. This a truly wonderful list of articles for everything you need in life. Written for business owners everywhere – it’s a definitive A-Z of thoughts, feelings, and questions we face in business. Running a business is…

Networking events: Mix them up and just go crazy!

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Sonny Cutting
Networking and Events Networking and Events are incredible, aren’t they? It’s never been easier to get in touch with someone across the globe, and the internet means that we can now achieve many of our daily tasks from the comfort of our armchairs at home or in the office. Run…

Chaos theory: The scientific exploration of unpredictability

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Chaos theory
Chaos theory Chaos is a scientific exploration of the unpredictability of systems, so how does this fit into business today and will it affect us in the future as a core process? This has enabled us to look at organisations differently, by realising that life events are inherently unknowable. For…

Delegation: So, what should good delegation look like?

So, what should good delegation look like?
Delegation Delegation is both an art and a science. There are definitely better and worse ways to do it but judging exactly what to delegate and to who, takes a bit of trial and judgement. In this article we will look at what to delegate, when and how. We will…