Rachel Shackleton: Green Key Personal Development


Rachel Shackleton is the business owner of Green Key Wellbeing and Health based in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Green Key philosophy is based on a naturopathic holistic ideal and guides treatment approach. Health is not just absence of illness, but bountiful energy. We believe that when the body is given the right conditions it can heal itself.

Everyone is unique: We understand that everyone is unique and therefore will respond to treatment in different ways.

Health and wellbeing is everyone’s right. I am excited and dedicated to be a vehicle to assist you in restoring your energy, health and wellbeing on all levels, and to unlock your body’s inner potential to heal through the wisdom of kinesiology, herbal medicine and naturopathy.

Find out more on the Green Key Personal Development website or in her blogs on this site which include Undue Stress and Emotional Intelligence.




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