Time Management: Taking back control and working smart.


Time Management

The first step is to acknowledge you are in control of your day and then deciding how you’re going to spend it. Become more conscious, see what really needs doing and then simplify how you work.

Time Management – Be more efficient and effective and remember to clear time for what matters most in your life!

You may have heard of the 4 D’s of Time Management. If something on your list isn’t absolutely necessary, Ditch It. If a task is not urgent and you could probably focus on it better another time, Defer it. Are you tempted to do everything yourself? There is often someone who can do it quicker, better or cheaper than you, so Delegate it! Whatever is left, you just have to get on and Do.

I choose just three things I’m going to do each day. They are tasks that once completed, take me further to where I want to be and will give me a feeling of satisfaction in their completion.

The best entrepreneurial advice I received, was to spend the first 90 minutes of the day working ON the business. These concentrated periods of time allow you to get so much more done! I suggest you clear any distractions and focus on one task at a time. Make sure there are no interruptions from email, phone, or anyone in the building. This will help you grow your business quickly.

Time management is all about taking back control, working smart, and ensuring you also have fun every day!

Written by Karen BurgeKaren J Burge


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